Goals Overview


In the short-term goals, it’s planned for both server and client to have a plug-in system implemented.

In the long-term goals, a comprehensive guide has to be created about plug-in creation so third party plug-ins can easily be created without internal knowledge of RSPET’s design. Along with that a set of rules has to be developed for 3rd party plug-ins to be officially endorsed, so that information about plug-ins can be centralized.

In between, bugs and existing design flaws along side feature requests have to be dealt with.


  • Fix logic bug where if a direct command’s to Host OS execution is perpetual the Server deadlocks
  • Add TLS encryption in order to: =>[DONE]
  • Replace XORing (and subsequently obfuscation with encryption) =>[DONE]
  • Verify the “authenticity” of clients
    • A mechanism to issue and verify client certificates
    • A mechanism to recognize compromised client certs
  • Add client update mechanism (initial thought was the use of execv but it acts up)
  • Add a plugin system to client (a more compact one)
  • Add remote installation of plugins to client
  • Add installed plugins report from client to server
  • Add UDP Reflection functionality
  • Provide more settings via config file
  • Re-introduce multythreading when handling multiple hosts.
  • Make commands available with ‘Tab’ automatically generated based on loaded plugins.