CLI Commands

RSPET’s server module provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) to its user. This part aims to introduce RSPET’s CLI and detail the available commands.

The commands listed bellow are part of the essentials, the files and the udp plug-ins.

Feel free to ignore the “State(s)” and the “Transition” fields as the will rarely be of use to an end user and are here purely to assist contributors and Plug-in developers.


Command Description Syntax State(s) Transition
help List commands available in current state or provide syntax for a command. help [command] “basic”, “connected”, “selected” None
Choose_Host Select a single host. Choose_Host <host ID> “basic” “connected”
Select Select multiple hosts. Select <host ID [host Id] [host ID] …> “basic” “multiple”
ALL Select all hosts. ALL “basic” “all”
Quit Quit the CLI and terminate the server. Quit “basic” None
Execute Execute system command on client. Execute <command> “connected”, “multiple” None
Close_Connection Kick the selected Client(s). Close_Connection “connected”, “multiple” “basic”
List_Hosts List all connected hosts. List_Hosts “basic” None
List_Sel_Hosts List selected hosts. List_Sel_Hosts “connected”, “multiple” None
Exit Unselect all hosts. Exit “connected”, “multiple” “basic”
KILL Stop client(s) from doing the current task. KILL “connected”, “multiple” None
create_client_profile Creates a profile to deploy plugins to clients. create_client_profile [plugin] “basic”, “connected”, “multiple” None
list_client_profile List client profiles. list_client_profile “basic”, “connected”, “multiple” None
apply_client_profile Deploys a profile to selected clients. apply_client_profile “connected”, “multiple” None


Command Description Syntax State(s) Transition
Pull_File Pull a regular text file from the client. Pull_File <remote_file> [local_file] “connected” None
Pull_Binary Pull a binary file from the client. Pull_Binary <remote_bin> [local_bin] “connected” None
Make_File Send a regular text file to the host(s). Make_File <local_file> [remote_file] “connected”, “multiple” None
Make_Binary Send a binary file to the host(s). Make_Binary <local_bin> [remote_bin] “connected”, “multiple” None


Command Description Syntax State(s) Transition
UDP_Flood Flood target machine with UDP packets. UDP_Flood <target_ip> <target_port> [payload] “connected”, “multiple” None
UDP_Spoof Flood target machine with UDP packets via spoofed ip & port. UDP_Spoof <traget_ip> <target_port> <spoofed_ip> <spoofed_port> [payload] “connected”, “multiple” None